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A Star Wars Legion Podcast

February 23, 2020

ep40: The List

hot asshole takes, one trick ponies, little people, and how to tilt BushFacts

February 6, 2020

ep39: Gettin Salty with Syrylo

new legion releases, making chicken salad, objectively better than TFT, space nazi pew pews, and KOTOR spoilers!

November 21, 2019

ep38: The Captain

WilensFacts, BushWaffles, burning things, ratings, and trading Brendon for Evan

August 15, 2019

ep6: Why are we so bad at this game?

6 > 2, shoretroopers suck, and GAR has no dead weight

July 4, 2019

ep5: 3 guys one mic

corsets, dead pools, accreditations, and asterisks

June 22, 2019

ep4: Coordinated Whining

Zombies and tie breakers

May 29, 2019

ep3: “Objectively Better” -Davis Kingsley

scarves > mustaches > beards > scarves

May 13, 2019

ep2: Attack of the Clones

Y = n/(2^r)*C(r,x), n=number of players, r=number of rounds


Also, the Spanish Inquisition.

March 14, 2019

ep1: Assholes with Yetis

Intros, Hoth Troopers, Walking Sleeping Bags, and Luke Skywalker